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Social Skill Groups

Frequently Asked Questions



What is the benefit of group therapy?

Our Mission Curriculum follows a general sequence and employs a combination of direct instruction, group activities, collaborative projects and individual practice. Groups are based on numerous factors, including age, experience, and functional skill levels in six major skill areas. We want to make sure your child is appropriately challenged and supported by their group.


How is my child's group level determined?

In order to achieve the optimal group setting for your child', an initial assessment will be provided to determine the level of success your individual has achieved in the areas of: self- and other- awareness, abstract thinking and flexibility, sensory regulation, pragmatic and interactive language skills, perspective taking and theory of mind, executive function and problem solving, and developmental social skills.


Assessment meetings provide an opportunity for the child and parent to meet with the facilitator and answer any specific questions you may have.  An individualized Plan of Care will be written for each child.


How do I know what goals and objectives my child will be striving for?

Once the assessment is complete, a Plan of Care will be provided for each child, listing the recommended social skills goals and objectives.


What skills will my child be learning in the social skills groups?

We have three different groups:


  • Primary Level- joint attention, self-awareness, self-esteem, cooperative play, sensory regulation, making friends, identifying emotions, and tolerating play.


  • Middler Level- Other-awareness, perspective taking, execution function, managing emotions, topic maintenance, collaboration, conversation skills, and flexibility.


  • Advanced/ Life Coach- Self-advocacy, job search/ college placements, navigating new situations, maintaining friendships, daily activities management, tolerating ambiguity, dating and relationship skills, and interdependence.


Will I be updated about my child's progress?

Individualized progress reports addressing each child's progress toward identified goals and objectives will be provided periodically. When all goals and objectives have been met, new ones will be established, and we will recommend a new group that will challenge and support his or her new goals and objectives.


Will I be refunded if I miss a session?

Sessions are based on a developmental and criterion-based skill curriculum. Therefore children will get the most benefit from attending the sessions throughout the academic year. However, if you choose to discontinue sessions, please provide at least two week's notice so that we can prepare the group for a new member on the waiting list.


If your child will not be attending a session, please call Norfolk Speech and Language Services at 757-423-1933 to inform us of your absence so that we won't worry. Please understand that we are not able to make up sessions missed by individual group members and cannot pro-rate or credit tuition for missed classes.


What is the cost?

Each 1 hour session is $55 with discounts provided for levels of commitment. Please see the registration page for payment options and information. Prepayments will be refunded, minus a $30 processing fee, should you choose to discontinue prior to the sessions beginning. Payment for sessions can be made by check or credit card.



When will groups be meeting?

Groups will meet Thursday evenings. The first group will be 4:30 - 5:30, followed by the second group at 6 - 7:30. Please contact Norfolk Speech and Language Services to see when the Fall start date begins.


Will my insurance cover the cost of group therapy?

We recommend contacting your insurance provider regarding eligibility, authorizations, and claims for group speech and language therapy. Billing sheets can be provided for patient-generated insurance reimbursement claims upon request. In order to maintain our focus on service delivery, we are unable to provide individual assistance in this area.


Where do I sign up?

The registration form can be found at the bottom of this page. Just fill it out, sign it, and return it to You will be contacted by phone as soon as possible to schedule your child's assessment.


Please feel free to contact Norfolk Speech and Language Services at 757-423-1933 or by email at, with any questions or concerns.


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